zero-waste fashion






Homegrown” introduced two design approaches that connect strongly to the futures concerns of the program: the slow design movement, and the principle of zero-waste design. The Homegrown program at Southbank, directed by the Design institute of Australia, showcased these approaches, and our workshops for year 10 Fashion and senior Design became part of this public program. We worked through team challenges in fashion and food by connecting global and local perspectives, visiting local food businesses and buying our materials from recyclers, including Reverse Garbage. Our students worked with some inspiring designers, including mentor and Homegrown convenor, Natalie Wright, design lecturer at QUT, Queensland Smart State Designer of the Year, Nicola Lloyd, Sophie Munns, environmental artist and origami master Jonathan Baxter.







This program was made possible by a 2011 designer residency grant from Arts Queensland. We thank all designers, artists and supporters who have participated in the program and contributed to great learning experiences in our classrooms.